Elective Recovery Workforce Strategy and Planning

Project lead

Debs Smith

Chief People Officer, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Workforce Enabling Group was established to support the delivery of Elective Recovery Programme objectives through the provision of professional advice and input to addressing workforce issues and maximising workforce opportunities.


  • To facilitate workforce mobility between organisations to enable elective recovery work.
  • To support staffing arrangements for the elective hubs.
  • To facilitate the production and delivery of a 3-year workforce plan for Elective Recovery across Cheshire and Merseyside.
  • To identify, collate, standardise, and share best practice examples around workforce opportunities, supporting implementation where appropriate.

Anticipated benefits

  • Ensure there is strong clinical leadership in the development of the workforce plans and transformational changes utilizing the structures in the C&M Clinical and Care Leadership Framework.
  • Ensure that workforce actions and initiatives are data-driven based on clinical prioritisation and population-based to ensure we are developing our workforce to meet future needs.
  • Building on the renewed interest in NHS careers to expand and develop our workforce, as well as retaining colleagues for longer, in satisfying careers.
  • Create a mechanism across Cheshire & Merseyside to evaluate the impact & imbalances of various workforce initiatives – supporting a consistency of approach and opportunities to share best practice and/or capacity

Key milestones

Workforce Baseline

July 2023 – September 2023

Engagement with Elective Recovery and Speciality Pathways regarding Workforce Baseline

July 2023 – September 2023

Baseline the Training Needs Analysis approach across Theatres (aligned to GIRFT)

July 2023 – September 2023

Baseline the Speciality Pathway - Workforce Data Requirements

Anaesthetic Associates Baseline

July 2023 – September 2023

Workforce modelling beyond 2023/24 for pathways and surgical hubs in Cheshire and Merseyside

October 2023 – March 2024

Scope out monitoring mechanisms for workforce change across Cheshire and Merseyside

October 2023 – March 2024