CMAST Workforce Programme

Programme leads

Kathryn Thomson

Senior Responsible Officer and Chief Executive, Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust

Steve McGuirk

Chair Sponsor and Chair, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The CMAST workforce programme will work in collaboration with partners to speak with one voice, enhancing our ability to lead on system-wide programmes and workforce development, including harnessing clinical and professional leadership.


  • Work on behalf of the system recognising pressures and national directives.
  • Embed a focus on system leadership, developing our capacity and resilience for the future.
  • Alignment to the Cheshire and Merseyside ICB workforce priorities.


  • Develop a strategic workforce plan to support elective recovery planning and strategy.
  • Scope the requirement for the creation of a system-wide, Collaborative Heath Care Assistant Bank.
  • Develop a TNA/NA role in maternity services to help address workforce gaps.
  • Create a Band 6 Ward Nurse role to encourage nurses to develop their ward experience and remain in a ward-based environment.
  • Establish, lead, and oversee a system-wide programme (MHLDC and CMAST provider collaboratives) to implement system, region and national AHP workforce priorities.
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings to be made through the realisation of economies of scale across HR and workforce functions.


  • To reduce competition between Trusts to attract and retain staff.
  • Ensuring a health and care workforce that is fit for the future.
  • Attracting talent to Cheshire and Merseyside more effectively through coordinated systems and processes.
  • Increased opportunities for learning and professional development.