Programme leads

Dr Liz Bishop

Senior Responsible Officer and Chief Executive, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS FT

Tracey Cole

Cheshire and Merseyside Diagnostics Programme Director

The Diagnostics Programme for Cheshire and Merseyside includes all types of diagnostic tests such as pathology, imaging, endoscopy, screening programmes, cardiorespiratory and physiological measurements relating to patients of all ages.

The Cheshire and Merseyside Diagnostics Programme consists of five separate but co-dependent networks/portfolios:

An overview of diagnostic activity within Cheshire and Merseyside

As of December 2022:

  • 80% of patients received their test within six weeks
  • Activity levels hit a record high in November 2022 with just under 106,000 tests completed in month.
  • Six test areas are delivering more activity compared to 2019/20 levels
  • In recent months, overall activity has consistently been at above pre-pandemic 2019/20 levels.
  • We are delivering significantly more (over 110%) Colonoscopies, CT and MRI scans (compared to pre-pandemic levels) to ensure that we clear the backlog of patients who are waiting.

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