Cheshire East

Cheshire East is an area of contrasts. It is a place of agriculture and industry, countryside, villages, market towns and urban centres with distinct needs, assets and characters. We are preparing to capitalise on the anticipated arrival of high-speed rail (HS2) as a catalyst for growth, development of business and enterprise in Cheshire East.

This will create new opportunities for regeneration and employment within the borough and new demands on public services.

Cheshire East is a great place for people who want to balance work and life because we are located between the North and the Midlands and we are close to Wales and Merseyside.

Cheshire East is the third largest unitary authority in the North West next to Manchester and Liverpool.


Key priorities

Our vision is to enable people to live well for longer; to live independently and to enjoy the place where they live.

We will do this by creating and delivering safe, integrated and sustainable services that meet people’s needs by the best use of all the assets and resources we have available to us.

This short video explains about why we need to change and the difference we will make to local people

We have some clear goals that we are working collectively to:

  • Deliver a sustainable, integrated health and care system

  • Create a financially balanced system

  • Create a sustainable workforce

Significantly reduce health inequalities

Primary Care Networks and GP Practice Information

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) form a key building block of the NHS Long Term Plan. While GP practices have been finding different ways of working together over many years, the NHS Long Term Plan and the New Five-Year Framework for the GP contract (both published in January 2019) put a more formal structure around this way of working.

Since July 1st 2019, all GP practices across Cheshire have come together in networks each covering populations of approximately 30-50,000 people.

Each Primary Care Network has appointed a local GP (or GPs) as Clinical Director.

Chelford, Handforth, Alderley Edge and Wilmslow (CHAW)

Clinical Director - Dr Hunsley (Alderley Edge Medical Practice)

Primary Care Network Population - 47,477

Congleton and Holmes Chapel (CHOC)

Clinical Director - Dr Paul Bishop (Lawton House Surgery)

Primary Care Network population - 44,388


Clinical Director - Dr Michael Freeman

Primary Care Network population - 44,511

Grosvenor, Hungerford and Rope Green (GHR)

Clinical Director - Dr David Skinner

Primary Care Network population - 42,435


Clinical Director - Dr Patrick Kearns (Manchester Road Medical Practice)

Primary Care Network population - 22,954


Clinical Director - Dr Joe Banns (Park Lane House Surgery)

Primary Care Network population - 61,426

Primary Care Network page

Middlewood Partnership

Clinical Director - Dr Paul Bowen (Middlewood Partnership)

Primary Care Network population - 33,546

Nantwich and Rural
Sandbach, Middlewich, Alsager, Scholar Green and Haslington (SMASH)



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