Patient Choice and accreditation of new providers within NHS Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care Board (ICB)

If a patient is referred for consultant-led treatment, or to a mental health professional, they can:

  • decide which provider they would like to receive care from as an outpatient.
  • choose the clinical team who will oversee their care within that provider organisation.

These choices apply to both physical and mental health, but only apply at the point of referral (from a GP, dentist, or optometrist) to providers that have an English NHS contract to provide the service they require.

The ICB has reviewed its approach to patient choice in line with the Provider Selection Regime 2023 (PSR), to ensure patients can access a range of providers, offering care across multiple specialties and in accessible and appropriate locations.

As such, if you are a private or independent sector provider and wish to be considered as a choice option for patients registered within Cheshire and Merseyside ICB (under PSR Direct Award B) or wish to add a service or location to an existing ICB contract, there is a standard accreditation process that we will apply to review all applications received.

In applying the accreditation process, the ICB seeks to:

  • secure the needs of patients who use services and to improve the quality and efficiency of those services, including through providing them in an integrated way.
  • act transparently and proportionately, and to treat providers in a non-discriminatory way.
  • commission services from providers that are most capable of delivering the overall objective and that provide best value for money.
  • commission pathways that of improve services (including through services being provided in a more integrated way, enabling providers to compete, and allowing patients to choose their provider).

Any provider will be considered for accreditation on request, however, please note that providers must pass an initial due diligence accreditation process before being considered for award of a new contract.  This due diligence process will require providers to submit evidence to support assurance of the following:

  • Registration with the Care Quality Commission (including for any new sites)
  • Financial standing
  • Detail of prior experience
  • Copies of fully comprehensive insurance documentation (at a corporate level, not individual clinician), including Public Liability, Employers Liability and Clinical / Professional negligence cover
  • Status on any claims or disputes
  • Information Governance
  • Suitability to hold a public contract.
  • Health and Safety

The accreditation process is detailed in the flowchart below.

Please email to express your interest in becoming an accredited provider.