Joint Capital Resource Plan 2023-24

In 2022-23 the system worked together to produce a capital plan that gave providers funding to cover backlog maintenance, IT and equipment replacement, as well as targeted allocations to address specific strategic demands.

In totality Providers spend £508m, £6m in Primary Care and £502m in Secondary Care. This was funded by £238m of Trust internal resources and £265m of national Public Dividend Capital (PDC) Funding.

The PDC funding was spend on community diagnostic centres, elective recovery investment, Mental Health facility improvement, New Hospital Programme and Digital electronic patient record investments.

They key priorities for 2023-24 are to enable secondary care and primary care and GP Practices to maintain their equipment and premises safe, whilst also investing in a number of key strategic objectives.

The completion of Community Diagnostic Centres and elective recovery centres is a key priority as well as the eradication of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) from Trust premises (Countess of Chester, Aintree Hospitals and Mid Cheshire Hospital).

Further investment in electronic patient records at Warrington & Halton Hospital, Southport and Ormskirk and Liverpool University Teaching Hospitals remains a key objective).