Digital Inclusion in Cheshire and Merseyside

For a large proportion of our population, accessing information and services online is now a normal part of everyday life, with many routinely using the Internet for anything from online shopping to online banking due to the speed and convenience it affords.

However, whilst there are many people who can embrace the use of digital, there are others within our region who find themselves digitally excluded and unable to use online services for a variety of reasons including lack of kit, skill, confidence or support.

To help reduce these inequalities and support digital inclusion, the Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care System’s (ICS) Digital Inclusion Group has produced this page and toolkit to provide those responsible for designing and delivering digital health and care services with the tools needed to improve access and support for those individuals who are, or are at risk of becoming, digitally excluded.

Ensuring digital and non-digital options are considered, will help us to retain equity of provision, improve access, understanding, and will help us meet the needs of the population we serve.

'Give it a go' digital adoption campaign

In May 2023, NHS Cheshire and Merseyside launched a campaign to encourage people across the region to give NHS online services a go.