More national recognition for planned care programmes

Planned care programmes in Cheshire and Merseyside gained further recognition at the 2024 HSJ Partnership Awards.

NHS Cheshire and Merseyside and technology partner C2-Ai took silver in the Best Elective Recovery Initiative category at the 2024 HSJ Partnership Awards for its AI-backed prioritisation of the elective waiting list.

The digital tool helps surgical teams identify previously hidden high-risk patients, and to make informed decisions on how, when and where to treat patients to – with many patients avoiding trips to A&E as a result.

The were two more silvers for the organisation and Productive Partners in the Educational Programme of the Year and Consultancy Partnership of the Year for the Theatre Academy.

The Theatre Academy trains a representative from each Trust to run an effective theatre programme, focusing on scheduling, pre-operative assessment and flow through NHS theatres.

The programme, which has seen 55 graduates across 20 sites in the last 12-months, aims to upskill local staff and steer a system-wide theatre productivity programme, with monthly steering groups and workshops, with each Trust focusing on local issues and solutions.

This award is for a supplier or service provider to the NHS supporting elective care recovery efforts, with proven outcomes that significantly reduce the backlog and/or contribute significantly to diagnosis and earlier-stage intervention on a large scale.

Find out more about the awards on the HSJ Partnership Awards website.